Dr. Nicole Esteban

Swansea University

A marine biologist with a focus on tropical coastal management, Nicole has 20 years’ experience of working in integrated coastal zone management with NGOs, public and private agencies in the Caribbean, Eastern Africa and Egypt. She have extensive natural resource management experience as a Manager of a Marine Park and National Park (8 years in the Dutch Caribbean), and project leader for various bilateral research and development projects. Research and monitoring has included environmental, fishery and sea turtle assessments for Protected Areas in the Caribbean, Egypt, Uganda and Nigeria.

As a Researcher and an Environmental Consultant for both the public and private sector, she has produced and coordinated Protected Area Management Plans, targeted Species Monitoring Plans and Environmental Impact Assessments, with an ongoing personal interest in co-management of natural resources, stakeholder engagement within conservation management policies and activities and communication of conservation and research activities to the wider public. Her research interests lie in the understanding of spatial and habitat use by marine species, with a focus on sea turtles and reef fisheries, predominantly in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean.