Hannah Wood

Zoological Society of London

Hannah Wood’s research primarily focuses on the movement behaviour and foraging ecology of marine top predators. Through the use of biotelemetry, we are now able to collect detailed data about the fine scale movements of animals when they are at sea, and utilise new statistical analysis and modelling techniques to analyse this information. She is particularly interested in the use of hidden Markov models to identify and describe different behaviours and to determine the influence of environmental variables on their distribution patterns. This kind of information is essential in order to determine ecologically important areas, and can be incorporated into habitat conservation measures. In the past she has spent much of her time in the field, working predominantly with marine mammals, as well as a variety of seabirds and predatory pelagic teleosts. She is currently the Post Graduate Research Assistant on the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) Seabird Project based at IOZ. This study concerns the status, distribution and population trends of red-footed and brown boobies (Sula sula and Sula leucogaster), their utilisation of the marine protected area which surrounds their breeding sites, and the environmental factors which drive their at-sea distributions.